A Day of Thanks… And Then The Day After


Ah, Thanksgiving…

A time for turkey and dreaded family reuniouns.

A day to be thankful for what you have…

To eat all you want and feel guilty about later

A day for fun or falling outs…

and then the day after.

It’s funny after a day of already being thankful for what people have, they are the first ones buying into corporate America, camping outside until their official opening on Black Friday. If I do go shopping, I go to one of the plenty mom and pop stores here. It’s so much better to live in a foreign country, where they don’t have the same traditions as us. Sadly, these foreign countries are trying to adopt “traditions” of the “father country”, America. While I am a progressive, I think that something as negative as Black Friday should not be spread. It’s quite ironic how people will go out and spend 500 dollars on things they don’t need, and yet complain about how they can’t afford a 200 dollar grocery bill.

Black Friday isn’t progress… it’s greed.


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