I am a misophonic. I have been ever since I was about nine or ten years old. What does that mean? I have a hatred of sound… but it’s not that simple. A clicking pen, chomping, my brother’s video game controller tapping… it makes me rage. I have a mental disorder in which I rage over a person chewing too loud. I know, it’s not possible, and I have some other kind of disease, because misophonia just doesn’t exist.

It does exist. And it sucks. It effects my life so much that I could be making all A’s in school. But, in the middle of my English class, I have three pen clickers. I ask politely for them to stop. They brush me off as if it doesn’t matter. They are the people keeping me from being able to pay attention in class, and I can’t blame it all on them. I sometimes have to stay after class just to ask the teacher questions about things she already said. Because all of my attention is focused on those three people. I can’t help it. I’m not ADD. I’m trying my hardest.

Then, in another class, this girl constantly pops her gum. And when she’s not popping it, she chews it like a cow would chew grass. It’s annoying, and she makes me want to cry and smack the gum out of her mouth all at the same time.

I have SAD and Misophonia, and they are controlling my life

And I have no power to fight back.


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