Over here in Germany, it is already 2014. Pictures above are mini cupcakes I made for the occasion. Let’s please ring in the New Year positively. Let’s do our best to still provide for our families as well as strangers. Be peaceful, and enforce what is best for the majority. Do something new, and make yourself better.

Lets go and help our environment. Recycle. Bike or walk instead of driving (within reason). Or, take the public commute.
Get out and exercise. I know I definitely need to. Bike, walk, or run. Do yoga, and eat more organic foods. Take a long relaxing bath on a free day. Make it a ritual. If it is a weekend and you don’t have to work, make a special time for it.
Make a difference in the world. Smile more.
I know I’m making these things part of my life.
And when it comes to arguing your enemies, smile and listen.


Ignorance Is Bliss


I don’t like America.

After living in

Europe for about 12 of 15 years of my life, I’ve been a bystander of America. I’ve seen great things, and after many things I’ve seen here, I couldn’t be a conservative. I tried to, but I knew I was lying to myself . As I’ve grown politically aware, I’ve become short tempered. I can even start to  cry by events worldwide,  because there is no reason for inequality, hatred, and people who don’t care . I care. 

Just earlier today, I got into an argument with my mom. She is religious, but leans left on the political spectrum. My mom saw on the news about a news anchor who came out. My mom said “She’s a pretty woman, she didn’t have to choose to be gay.” And then I lost my temper. It struck me deep, as a year and a half ago, I questioned my sexuality. I’m still not for sure. She also once said that my gay best friend was only 15, and was too young to know what he wanted. I don’t know what I want, and I didn’t choose to question myself. I didnt choose to have SAD or my current unresolved back pain. You didn’t choose your allergic reaction to certain foods, did you? Who are you to say that I am too young to know what I want. I want peace and equality, but am I too young to want that?

Sometimes,  I wonder if life would be better as a clueless conservative. But, when I sit and think about it, I would prefer to cry while watching the news than to saying “no” to anthing that goes against “religious morals”.

Ignorance is bliss, but I want another kind of bliss: The kind that is helping others and improving this fucked up world we live in.








Merry Christmas (and Happy Holidays)


It’s Christmas day, and other holidays of which I am not fully aware of. While I could do the research, this school system only celebrates Christmas, from what I’ve seen in the past.

How are your holiday celebrations going?

For me, it doesnt feel much like Christmas, or really winter at all. Why? My current place of residencd, which is Germany, is experiencing weather that is quite peculiar for this region. It is 46 degrees outside, and just a couple of years ago, it was much colder. We have had a couple of bad, cold days, but it feels like early spring.

And conservatives say that global warming is not a big deal or issue.

Well, of course it isn’t a big deal for them. Drilling for more oil on U.S. soil and off land is important for them, saying its fine. They think those are the best and most useful forms of energy. Yet, under the Obama administration, reducing the use of fossil fuels and using solar panels and windmills has proven most effective in energy use.
Conservatives believe that a changing environment is natural. This is true, and change does occur over time. But, they also don’t believe that humans do not have any effect on our current environment.
Explain to me again that logic please?

Texting While Driving


After watching the most recent episode of Degrassi, the ending was a shock. Adam, a beloved character, was ripped away suddenly. He was a transgender, and had so much potential as a character on the show. In real life, the actress was nearing the end of her contract, and decided to move on. This brings me into the topic of texting while driving. Adam was involved in a car accident. He was texting while he was driving, and instead of hitting the incoming car, he swerved and hit a tree. The van he took was totaled, and sadly, so was he. He was distracted by his girlfriend, and his phone. During his surgery, everybody was so hopeful. Kids made him get well cards, friends helped out. But then, at the end when Adam’s brother, Drew was decorating his room with those cards, his parents walked in with devastation painted on their faces.

There are two reasons why this hit me hard. One, Adam was a great character, and the woman who portrayed him was a great actress. But the main reason is because this is what really does happen. This made a great point. The actress could have extended her contract. As a character with great potential to grow and really become someone amazing, he just died. That’s what happens in real life. Sometimes, the person with the most growth potential, whom you see being on top of the world later on in life, is suddenly gone. Because they made mistakes. Not to be insensitive, but he made the choice to text and drive.

This is a problem that really needs to be addressed. With new technological advances and even new social expectations, many people are doing the things that everybody is warning against.

Being distracted while driving is serious. Just like with Adam, he took his eyes off the road for one second, and now he’s dead. One thing I don’t understand, however, is why teens, and even some adults, still do it. There is so much awareness now that it can’t be brushed off as a “one in several hundred”. Many times, they think that it won’t happen to them. But it still can. Raising awareness is great, but it won’t stop the problem unless teens who do drive are taught by their parents to not text, call, or do anything that can distract them while driving. Parents need to sit down with their teen and talk to them about the dangers of texting while driving.

*This is my work, published from my other, discontinued blog, Liberal Mindset*

Hypocrisy Rant


You expect me to look or act a certain way, and in reality you are no better.
You act as if you are the perfect teenager.
We’re almost the same age, 15 and 16, but you’re a conservative, so you are much better than me.
You’re more wholesome and traditional than a liberal, and you don’t wear skirts shorter than your knee because it makes you feel like every boy is going to want to have sex with you.
Your parents have crates of empty liquor bottles waiting to be returned. Even you like the taste of a wine flavored egg nog. But it’s okay, because “God turned water to wine”, and it’s his holy drink. God said he doesn’t want pleasures to be overdone. Obviously, your parents liquor cabinet says otherwise.
You say I’m not valued and that my parents shame me. Yet, when I sat with my lesbian friend at lunch, you couldn’t help but say that gay people were wrong.
When questioned about your view of rape, and apparently it is a part of “Gods plan.” When asked if you got raped, what would happen, you said “It wouldn’t happen because God loves me too much.”
You don’t believe that the Higgs Boson really exists, and you call it the anti-Christ belief in why everything exists. The Higgs Boson has been proven, and God has not.
I’m not simply bashing your religion, because I am myself questioning my beliefs, but I’m simply saying that you put on an act of perfect and holy, yet you are judgmental and hypocritical.

The Picture Seen ‘Round the World


While Obama has done a couple things that I disagree with, first, lying about defunding the NSA, and second the whole “You can keep your insurance policy” Obamacare lie, I still have respect for him. How is he supposed to go through with things when congress continues to go against him?

One thing that pisses me off most about the way he is treated is the picture of him with the Danish and British Prime Ministers. It was the memorial of Nelson Mandela in Africa. And that picture, with the First Lady appearing to have a scowl on his face is the only thing they’re talking about.

I, personally, would care more about the service than that picture.

It’s another attempt to smear the POTUS’ name. When, in all reality, the reporting media are only making fools of themselves. People, mostly conservatives or republicans, are trying to say the president is out of line, when in truth, it was a celebration, a time for laughter and cries.

Is this what we’ve come to? People hate the president so much that they will talk about and criticize a picture?

Why Does A 40 Year Old Man Work At McDonalds?


A question asked by my uber-conservative teacher.

Then he continued on saying that people who work as maids or at McDonalds were just lazy and didn’t try hard enough.

I asked him “Are you serious?”

“Yeah,” He replied. “I am.”

Let me start out with this: It’s an honest living, and it’s hard work. While you sit on your ass not wanting to help outside of the hour lecture you give, somebody is working in a hot kitchen, running around getting peoples orders, while barely making enough to support themselves or their family.

I get it, being a teacher is also tough work. But you, specifically, Mr. I’m-A-Hardcore-Conservative, don’t listen to your students demands. You sit back and get a paycheck. I don’t understand something, so I ask. You say it’s not that hard, and that I was just to lazy to try and understand.

Yeah, maybe I am a little slow. But until you do work yourself to help kids out instead of telling them to look on the Internet, you have absolutely no right to talk about a person working hard for minimum wage.

I have half the mind to report you to administration, considering you continuously spread religious and political beliefs in a school system where we are to keep objective.