As a fifteen year old, I had only realized a few months ago that I have so many greater things than what a young, black fifteen year old girl had back even a hundred years ago. But one thing in particular is a voice. There were and are many great activists out there. I consider myself one.
I have pissed off my conservative friends by attending our GSA club at school. They were offended because I chose the Ending Violence club at my school rather than joining their Bible Club.
But then I always remember something that my dad always says:
“The farther you go, the more people will begin to dislike you. If you go far and someone doesn’t like you, brush it off because at least you’re doing something right.”
My friends weren’t outwardly bashing gay people, but they always said “hate the sin not the sinner”. They happened to say all of this in front of my very lesbian best friend. And it was “accidental”. It made me so mad. But, I sat quiet, until a few months later. She started to date a girl, and that girl sat with us at the table. My “friends” were disgusted. They said something snide, and that’s when I blew. I remember saying, especially to the half white, half Puerto Rican girl that they were in no position to do that. Why? Because we are all equal. Then, the mixed girl dared to say that it was against tradition. That is the same thing a white confederate would have said about any non white, and may even still say.
She and I have a very rocky relationship now.
What I am getting at is, you have a voice. A beautiful voice that can get out there on social and economical issues. I’m not old enough to vote, but I know damn well that when I get the chance, I’m going out there, and I’m voting. Because, there’s one thing a right wing conservative would hate to see…
And that is a young black woman voting.


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