A Biography of Me


I once thought I was a conservative. I had gotten into religion, and had taken it too far. I started to say the same things that my conservative friends would. But, one day I remember talking to my best friend who is lesbian, and she asked me “Do you really believe all of that?” I was about to respond, but then I just started to tear up. All of the times I’d said “Hate the sin, not the sinner.” and that “abortion just isn’t right”, I just couldn’t hold it in. I asked what I could do to fix all of the wrong things I’d said, and she said “Do what you think is the best. But, don’t lie to yourself.”

So, I stopped lying to myself. I was fourteen at that time. I realized that I’d made a fool of myself. I was oppressing people, especially of the LGBTQ community, and I had no reason to. As a black girl myself, I hadn’t realized how easily someone could turn the arguments I made against same-sex marriage into an argument against colored people.

Now, I am fifteen, and much more aware of the things I do or say.

I began a blog this past summer in August, but later stopped, because I didn’t like the way it was forming. I was still trying to tie religion into my political views. Religion and politics combined is something I advocate against. So, I’ve begun a new blog. I am not a very experienced writer, but I am passionate and dedicated. I love ways to get my voice out there, and I’ve found my best ways are through writing. My favorite topics to write about are: the LGBTQ community, gender equality, and science discoveries. I support STEM research, all equality, and the separation of church and state, specifically.

For a more personal background, I live in a military family of four. I am currently residing in Germany, and I have two westies, Snow, and Vanilla. I am active in the environmental club at my school, as well as our GSA and End Violence Club.


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