Schools Supporting the LGBTQ Community


Over recent years, many public schools have made clubs and organizations for the support of the LGBTQ Community. At my high school, it is the GSA club. It is an opportunity for peace within and even out of the club.

One example of our club’s influence was our Day of Silence. On Friday, April 19, 2013, our GSA club sponsored a Day of Silence. We had fifty people of about 350 students at our school participating, excluding staff. Among the staff, more than half supported the silence. This act helped shed light on how many people are bullied into silence.
On that same day, our seminar teachers played a video called To This Day, by Shane Koyczan. This shed light not only on the gay community, but bullying in general.

Over the past few months in the club, we have seen many great changes.

We had a large amount of students who began attending our school in the Fall of 2013. Now, we have at least 500 students. We supported National Coming Out Day in October, and of our 500+ students, over 300 participated. This is amazing, as it shows, even if only by a single ribbon that we gave out, that the community has plenty of support.

Those are just a couple examples of what my school has done to show support for the LGBTQ community. And yet, some people who disagree with this have tried to ruin the acceptance of people withing the LGBTQ community.

Back in 2011, Secretary of Education Arne Duncan gave a warning of how it is in violation of school to rid of anything that provides comfort and safety in the time of need. In February of 2011, a school in Texas banned all after school activities, just to rid themselves of their GSA club.

“Duncan wrote that the Department of Education would issue legal guidelines explaining the Equal Access Act so schools could ‘ensure that all students, including LGBT and gender nonconforming students, have a safe place to learn, meet, share experiences, and discuss matters that are important to them.'” (UsNews)

In a generation where technology and styles are advancing, why not have a social advancement? We are not living in the middle ages. There should be no reason why any person of any sexuality, race, or gender should be persecuted.


Koebler, Jason. “Duncan Says Discriminating Against LGBT Clubs Violates Law.” US News. U.S.News & World Report, 17 June 2011. Web. 09 Dec. 2013.


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