Why Does A 40 Year Old Man Work At McDonalds?


A question asked by my uber-conservative teacher.

Then he continued on saying that people who work as maids or at McDonalds were just lazy and didn’t try hard enough.

I asked him “Are you serious?”

“Yeah,” He replied. “I am.”

Let me start out with this: It’s an honest living, and it’s hard work. While you sit on your ass not wanting to help outside of the hour lecture you give, somebody is working in a hot kitchen, running around getting peoples orders, while barely making enough to support themselves or their family.

I get it, being a teacher is also tough work. But you, specifically, Mr. I’m-A-Hardcore-Conservative, don’t listen to your students demands. You sit back and get a paycheck. I don’t understand something, so I ask. You say it’s not that hard, and that I was just to lazy to try and understand.

Yeah, maybe I am a little slow. But until you do work yourself to help kids out instead of telling them to look on the Internet, you have absolutely no right to talk about a person working hard for minimum wage.

I have half the mind to report you to administration, considering you continuously spread religious and political beliefs in a school system where we are to keep objective.


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