The Picture Seen ‘Round the World


While Obama has done a couple things that I disagree with, first, lying about defunding the NSA, and second the whole “You can keep your insurance policy” Obamacare lie, I still have respect for him. How is he supposed to go through with things when congress continues to go against him?

One thing that pisses me off most about the way he is treated is the picture of him with the Danish and British Prime Ministers. It was the memorial of Nelson Mandela in Africa. And that picture, with the First Lady appearing to have a scowl on his face is the only thing they’re talking about.

I, personally, would care more about the service than that picture.

It’s another attempt to smear the POTUS’ name. When, in all reality, the reporting media are only making fools of themselves. People, mostly conservatives or republicans, are trying to say the president is out of line, when in truth, it was a celebration, a time for laughter and cries.

Is this what we’ve come to? People hate the president so much that they will talk about and criticize a picture?


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