Hypocrisy Rant


You expect me to look or act a certain way, and in reality you are no better.
You act as if you are the perfect teenager.
We’re almost the same age, 15 and 16, but you’re a conservative, so you are much better than me.
You’re more wholesome and traditional than a liberal, and you don’t wear skirts shorter than your knee because it makes you feel like every boy is going to want to have sex with you.
Your parents have crates of empty liquor bottles waiting to be returned. Even you like the taste of a wine flavored egg nog. But it’s okay, because “God turned water to wine”, and it’s his holy drink. God said he doesn’t want pleasures to be overdone. Obviously, your parents liquor cabinet says otherwise.
You say I’m not valued and that my parents shame me. Yet, when I sat with my lesbian friend at lunch, you couldn’t help but say that gay people were wrong.
When questioned about your view of rape, and apparently it is a part of “Gods plan.” When asked if you got raped, what would happen, you said “It wouldn’t happen because God loves me too much.”
You don’t believe that the Higgs Boson really exists, and you call it the anti-Christ belief in why everything exists. The Higgs Boson has been proven, and God has not.
I’m not simply bashing your religion, because I am myself questioning my beliefs, but I’m simply saying that you put on an act of perfect and holy, yet you are judgmental and hypocritical.


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