Texting While Driving


After watching the most recent episode of Degrassi, the ending was a shock. Adam, a beloved character, was ripped away suddenly. He was a transgender, and had so much potential as a character on the show. In real life, the actress was nearing the end of her contract, and decided to move on. This brings me into the topic of texting while driving. Adam was involved in a car accident. He was texting while he was driving, and instead of hitting the incoming car, he swerved and hit a tree. The van he took was totaled, and sadly, so was he. He was distracted by his girlfriend, and his phone. During his surgery, everybody was so hopeful. Kids made him get well cards, friends helped out. But then, at the end when Adam’s brother, Drew was decorating his room with those cards, his parents walked in with devastation painted on their faces.

There are two reasons why this hit me hard. One, Adam was a great character, and the woman who portrayed him was a great actress. But the main reason is because this is what really does happen. This made a great point. The actress could have extended her contract. As a character with great potential to grow and really become someone amazing, he just died. That’s what happens in real life. Sometimes, the person with the most growth potential, whom you see being on top of the world later on in life, is suddenly gone. Because they made mistakes. Not to be insensitive, but he made the choice to text and drive.

This is a problem that really needs to be addressed. With new technological advances and even new social expectations, many people are doing the things that everybody is warning against.

Being distracted while driving is serious. Just like with Adam, he took his eyes off the road for one second, and now he’s dead. One thing I don’t understand, however, is why teens, and even some adults, still do it. There is so much awareness now that it can’t be brushed off as a “one in several hundred”. Many times, they think that it won’t happen to them. But it still can. Raising awareness is great, but it won’t stop the problem unless teens who do drive are taught by their parents to not text, call, or do anything that can distract them while driving. Parents need to sit down with their teen and talk to them about the dangers of texting while driving.

*This is my work, published from my other, discontinued blog, Liberal Mindset*


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