Merry Christmas (and Happy Holidays)


It’s Christmas day, and other holidays of which I am not fully aware of. While I could do the research, this school system only celebrates Christmas, from what I’ve seen in the past.

How are your holiday celebrations going?

For me, it doesnt feel much like Christmas, or really winter at all. Why? My current place of residencd, which is Germany, is experiencing weather that is quite peculiar for this region. It is 46 degrees outside, and just a couple of years ago, it was much colder. We have had a couple of bad, cold days, but it feels like early spring.

And conservatives say that global warming is not a big deal or issue.

Well, of course it isn’t a big deal for them. Drilling for more oil on U.S. soil and off land is important for them, saying its fine. They think those are the best and most useful forms of energy. Yet, under the Obama administration, reducing the use of fossil fuels and using solar panels and windmills has proven most effective in energy use.
Conservatives believe that a changing environment is natural. This is true, and change does occur over time. But, they also don’t believe that humans do not have any effect on our current environment.
Explain to me again that logic please?


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