Conservative Vs. CONservative


We have two types of conservatives: Your conservative, and CONservative. I’m sure you get where this is going.

The Conservative is loving, and while not supporting liberal causes, is still willing to listen and will love someone no matter what. They do tend to lean right with politics, and while being Christian, they don’t force religion onto someone who doesn’t want it. These are the good kinds. You may not agree politically with them, but they make good friends, and even a good, balanced political debate.

The CONservative is not loving. Hates anything dealing with liberals, and won’t listen to anything but what they want to hear. They lean on the extreme right of the political spectrum, and while being Christians, will force their religion onto somebody who doesn’t want it. These are the same people who think that Obama is the anti-Christ, and who thinks that he is a Muslim.

I have Conservative friends. The CONservatives, however, hate me because I am liberal, and hate that I am a modern day hippie.


Raising the Minimum Wage


During my math class on Friday (note I said math class) my extremely conservative teacher and another classmate (who I’m pretty sure is borderline racist) brought up the State of the Union address. I was immediately up on my guard so as not to let my negative excitement show.
For safety, I won’t use their real names. Mr. D is the teacher, and Joshua is the other student. I tried being as nice to Joshua as I could in the past, but he was always rude to me. Mr. D, I admit. is a cool person, but I would never bring up politics. Mr. D is also the teacher who has been the subject of my earlier blog posts.
Raising the minimum wage has been a big priority for the democratic party, and statistics have shown that even 64% of republicans are supporting it too. It is a big priority for people who are working an honest job, who are not getting paid what they need for that job. Take a janitor or a waitress. A janitor cleans up all the crap leftover from students, workers, etc… and most janitors don’t get paid enough to support themselves or families. A waitress, depending on circumstances, will get paid more in tips than she would in her salary.
All of the down and dirty workers only get paid the lesser amounts, when they do the grunt work nobody else wants to.
So, to continue on with the story, Joshua starts saying some really dumb stuff. First, he says “Well, in MUSS, I have to be a democrat, and I have to fight to raise the minimum wage, and I don’t know how I’m going to.” That has to be one of the most idiotic things I’ve ever heard.
My teacher, Mr. D intervenes with “A forty year old man or woman working at McDonalds doesn’t get paid as much as a teacher might. You know why? They didn’t go to college and don’t have the skill to do anything better.” Again, really dumb.
So, it turns out I couldn’t keep myself as contained, so I gave up on calming myself. I asked him “What if that person working as a janitor or at McDonald’s didn’t have the money to pay for a college education.”
He replied with “You can find money anywhere to pay for it”
And then I asked without a required skill set, how are they to find money without going through illegal means.
This pundit decides saying that “It doesn’t matter. If you’re desperate enough to get a higher education, you’ll get it. All of these people who work those silly jobs are just lazy.”
I then asked “What about these people who get their college educations but can’t find a job, and have to work as a janitor or a waitress?”
He said that there is always a job out there for you. Always, as long as you have a college educations.
Joshua, interrupts with how raising the minimum wage will also affect inflation, and explained that prices will go up as we begin to raise the minimum wage, and that it’s bad for the economy.
Mr. D replies to him with how the people without college educations don’t deserve to get more money, and that it was just a “stupid, socialist ideas”. Then he said “those dang liberals”. Half of our class is liberal.
I really don’t like this teacher or Joshua anymore.
The sheer stupidity of this conversation was enough to almost make me leave the classroom.