Conservative Vs. CONservative


We have two types of conservatives: Your conservative, and CONservative. I’m sure you get where this is going.

The Conservative is loving, and while not supporting liberal causes, is still willing to listen and will love someone no matter what. They do tend to lean right with politics, and while being Christian, they don’t force religion onto someone who doesn’t want it. These are the good kinds. You may not agree politically with them, but they make good friends, and even a good, balanced political debate.

The CONservative is not loving. Hates anything dealing with liberals, and won’t listen to anything but what they want to hear. They lean on the extreme right of the political spectrum, and while being Christians, will force their religion onto somebody who doesn’t want it. These are the same people who think that Obama is the anti-Christ, and who thinks that he is a Muslim.

I have Conservative friends. The CONservatives, however, hate me because I am liberal, and hate that I am a modern day hippie.


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